My last weekend in Cairns

Hello mates:
Well, it comes the last weekend I stay in Cairns. Please forgive my late reply of the emails. I’m now really leading a happy and busy life.
This Thursday we went to the Green Island and The Great Berrier Reef, that’s really incredible! Can you imagine the feeling of crossing the Pacific Ocean by being on the top floor of the ferry? And how beautiful the coral reef is? It’s as magnificant as the postcards’ one!
The Freshwater Church is also fabulous. I like the way the worship the Lord. It’s straight and simple.
Um… I’ve got nothing to say anymore. If I have to tell you everything that I consider it as worthy of sharing, I’m sure that will be an endless diary. So, how about I tell you later after I come back?
The following week will be much more busy for me, anyway, I’m now planning a lot of things to do. I’ll keep on writing my diary so that I won’t forget the days I’m in Cairns.
I thank God a lot for sending me here. At the beginning, I was just confused that why I was the one to be here. But now I know that God has His own plan on me. Nothing is happening accidentally. He gives me one month time to think about my future, my last year in my secondary school, my university, my family, my church, my spiritual life, my friends… Also, he guides my here for letting me know the way to leave without my family which I consider it as a piror experience. That’s nice to travel somewhere, to take out yourself from the complicated situration that just let me know what I want indeed and what I’m actually in need.
The best friends are like gold and pearl, presious and rare; The bad friends are like autumn leaves, found in everywhere.
With love, take care

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