Small step , great leap.

excerpts from CHINA DAILY FRIDAY SEPETMBER 26, 2008
Nor should we overlook the role of international support for the Shenzhou missions. Russian experts have been instrumental in our space endeavors. The rapid strides so far would not have been possible were it not for their assistance. Designing the EVA spacesuit took us three-and-a-half years. Without Russian assistance, it may have taken as much as eight years , said the chief Chinese designer.
In fact , Russian involvement extended from training the astronauts to building the Shenzhou vessels.
Every space flight should not only be an occasion to celebrate our own capabilities , it should also be a time to celebrate international cooperation.

誰摘下了翅膀 , 送給我飛翔。

汗與淚混和在愛與感動中 , 直待哪天再給你回饋。

用心 , 記住這一切 , 好嗎?



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